Friday, June 2, 2017

What Daisy Bought

Daisy lent her talents to a university study for $10.  We went to the thrift shop for her to spend her easily earned money.  She wanted to try on all the clothes.  Eventually she picked out this dress and some fancy necklaces.  We were shopping for a shelf to store her Red Rose tea figure collection, but she found a fancy silver tray she wanted to put them on instead.  Works for me.  Lastly, she picked out some Minecraft toys.  She waited for the boys to get home from school and then she waved them in their faces while saying "Ooooooh boys! Look what I got!"  And she got very popular for the day.  I'm pretty sure she planned that.  Plus they can't exclude her from Minecraft playing now when she brings her own toys.  We had $2 left over to buy donuts and they were delicious.

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