Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer Goals

⟹Summer Goals⟸

I'm trying to keep things simple so although I want to read so many books, and go to such-and-such places, and so on, I'll just try to keep things focused.

Get Kids' Scrapbooks Up-to-Date
I am technically 4 years behind?  This is not good.  But I made a list of 63 "simple" steps I need to do to complete this...

Watch Seasons 1-3 (maybe more?) of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
This has been on my watch list for awhile now and I need something to watch while doing above work.  Hopefully this works out.  Last time I got the books caught up I watched Project Runway which requires one to look away often to stay sane.

Save/Plan/Pay for Legoland Trip in Fall
This has been on the goal list for over a year.  Time to make it happen before the kids are too old.  I have other things I want to save for - laminate flooring, a new dishwasher, a covered porch... but why have tangible things the whole family can enjoy while improving the quality of life at home when you could go yell at your kids at Legoland?

⇒We will be participating in typical summer activities... library events, cheap movies, swim lessons, ceramic classes, a couple of camping trips, and I'll also be working my part-time job.  So summer will probably go by super fast and be somewhat chaotic.  I really want the kids to practice on bikes and with musical instruments this summer but no one is excited by those ideas except me.  And I don't think I'm willing to work that hard.  Maybe I'll surprise myself.  Maybe I'll be riding a bike and playing a tambourine by the end of summer.

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