Thursday, April 27, 2017

Middle Man Turns 6

 Mister Nels turned 6.  He is still very similar to his personality as a baby.  He can be very serious and sullen.  And then he can be did-I-forget-to-sleep-last-night silly.  I'm not sure if I got him quite figured out yet.  A stranger could probably pick out future hobbies or a career for him as well as I could.  He is interested in gardening and soccer.  He loves games and comedy.  He is quick to make friends although he is slow to approach others.  When you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he will tell you something ridiculously silly.  He's 6.
He requested a chocolate peanut butter cake with cars on top he could keep.  Big brother wanted to make the cake and he made it to spec.  Awesome job, Guy.
Happy Birthday Nels!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Break

For my birthday and spring break we dog/house sat in the big city.  The hit of the whole vacation week was going to Slappy Cakes...where you get to make your own pancakes.  Kids wanted to go back.  They still do.

There were 4 very opinionated folks on this trip and only 1 of them has to take responsibility for what happens.  And that one has pretty bad judgment.  Also, that one is me.  So I struggled with being controlling.  I may have ruined the whole trip for everyone.  I am trying.

Daisy wanted to play this jump roping game.  I said "No! You are too little to play that!"  She finally stole a token (valued at like 20 cents) and played it.  And she played it well.  Good thing I didn't risk 20 cents to see if she could do it and had her resort to stealing.

So I thought...I'm going to stop being a jerk.  You kids can play in this creek and I will not say ANYTHING.  And then Daisy fell in and lost her shoes.  She was very sad. Someone should have told her to stop.  I did wade in after her and her shoes.  I guess instead of looking like the bad jerk I looked more like a hero with this approach?

Anyway, there were lots of pretty areas we got to see.

It is a nice trip to look back on but I need to work on my attitude I guess.