Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 in Review

I am at that point in my life when I realize I cannot be the parent of babies and toddlers forever...because I no longer have either.  My children still need attention and thankfully like doing stuff with me, but they also don't.  Nels was begging me to play Minecraft with him, like we used to before he started Kinder.  We made it happen and eventually he kicked me out of the game only to put big brother in my place.  This is good and what I want.  But it leaves me unsure of what to do.  I guess I can go back to playing my backlog of Steam games and reading my almost overdue library books.  Which might not be a great use of my time.  But life is to be enjoyed and I will enjoy it in whatever stupid ways I desire!

Best Books I've Read of 2017 So Far
SAGA  There is so much going on here don't even know how to describe it but 'steamy, violent soap opera' comes to mind. I want to know how it ends and I am enjoying getting there. Things in this world are so freaking crazy but it all works so well.  I don't know how.  It's just perfect.  My proof:

Elf Quest, Vol. 1  I can not believe how good this was.  I remember looking at the pictures of this as a kid at the library.  As an adult I judged this as only being a story for people who wore wolf shirts all the time.  I WANT A WOLF SHIRT!  Because this world is so developed and interesting.  Elf Quest still stands up to the comics coming out today and when you consider when and how it was made it becomes the most awesome thing ever.

Warbreaker  This is the first Brandon Sanderson book I've read.  I just always assumed he wasn't for me because of the Wheel of Time involvement, I guess.  I haven't even read any Wheel of Time.  I also assumed that wasn't for me.  Maybe I should read it.  It would be a way to pass a lot of time.  If I am ever stuck on a commuter train for two months, I shall read the series assuming I brought it with me.  I love easy-to-read fantasy novels that are not YA cheesy.  I also enjoy new worlds and multiple perspectives.  So this was very good.

Best Games I've Played of 2017 So Far
Witcher 3 I played this game last year too.  Must draaaaaag it out as much as possible.  I have been debating buying my first Funko Pop of Geralt.  Every lady needs a Geralt in her home.  I read a Witcher book too.  It was great and I can see how it inspired a game.

Mini Metro There is a hypnotizing tranquil aspect to this game until the stations over fill and I panic.  Lines and shapes have never created so much emotion.

 Undertale This game was hard to the point where I thought I hated it.  But there was so much interesting stuff to it and when I did finally manage to beat it I felt good.  The protagonist is freaking adorable too. Proof:

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