Friday, August 5, 2016

July Hodgepodge

Here's some stuff that happened in July I think is worth remembering.

#1.  Acing "Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon".  The kids have beat this game ten times already.  They want another Putt-Putt game.  We'll do that for we are working our way up to Monkey Island.  Then who knows?

#2. Library reading logs.  I love Nels pictures,  He drew his favorite book, Pigeon books by Mo Willems and he drew himself playing a sport, minigolf.  He was really concerned the librarians wouldn't be able to read where he wrote "pigeon" to the point where he was getting upset with his penmanship.  I think it looks totally legible,

#3.  Couldn't Find daisy.  I lost Daisy in a playroom.  I was even searching the outside of the building because she most certainly wasn't inside.  Or was she...?  She was wearing a Tinkerbell wig.  I guess I recognize my kids by the tops of their heads.

#4.  Daisy's signature smiley face.  She calls them all "Elsa".

#5.  Graham cracker house in July.  We usually only make these at Christmas but Daisy insisted on it.  This one is Guy's.  I already forgot what it is suppose to be.  I shall remember that I forgot!

#6.  Daisy rocking out to disco.

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