Thursday, August 4, 2016

August Goals

This year is over half over.  A lot has happened but can't say I had much control over any of it.  I'm going to start making goals again.

1.  Paint 31 minis.  Today is the 4th?  I'm already behind.  Fantastic.

2.  Help spouse with finishing the chicken coop.  I think aside from nagging, I'm just responsible for the painting (touch up and trim).  I'll sit around and be moral support.  Maybe the yard needs work too?  Bah, I'll just whine about that too.

3.  Fix indoor plumbing issues.  I think this includes a leaking faucet, two broken Pop-Up drain stoppers, a leaking toilet, and re-caulking a bathtub.  I'm proud to announce I fixed the toilet all by myself yesterday!  Well, I consulted a YouTube video and a hardware store employee.

4.  mTurk, etc enough to buy these super stools for my kitchen.  I think I need $64.

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