Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ready for Kinder

Nels is in Kindergarten readiness classes this summer.  He claimed he was happy and excited to go.  He looked nervous to me.  He only had good things to say about the class and he was definitely proud of himself.  I am too!  Next time he wants to bring a backpack.  Kids these days and their fancy things.

Now Daisy was not happy about this school thing at all.  She sat next to Nels and refused to leave him.  Then she was screaming that we couldn't just leave him there.  We need to take him home!  Never thought about how attached she is to him.  They do share a room by choice and are rarely apart.  Hmm.  She's not going to like just hanging out with boring mom next year.

We went to the library while Nels was in "school".  Guy found a friend to play Battleship with while Daisy and I played some dream mystery date game.  It cheered Daisy up fast when she found her dream dress.  I found a pretty necklace card but I wasn't allowed to keep it. Playing board games with rules made up by a 3 year old is kind of sad. 

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