Monday, May 23, 2016

Bees in the Blackberries

I got our bees while the boss was in the hospital.  I just asked Nels about it because I thought he was there.  Nels said that I let him and Guy stay home by themselves and use the computer in the bathroom and I just took Daisy.  I want to tell him that's crazy and irresponsible of me.  But maybe he is right?  It was all a blur.  Except the part where the bee people asked if I wanted the "stragglers taken care of".  I replied "They're not bothering me."  Because I didn't know who the stragglers were.  It was the bees on the outside of the cages.  So I threw two little cages of bees covered in "stragglers" into our car and hoped Daisy, Rogue, and me (oh...I guess the boys weren't there) didn't accidentally eat one.

Nels, Daisy, and Rogue helped put the bees in.  Where is Guy?  He must have been hiding.

I asked Nels to take my picture.  I put bees into two hives.  This is the one picture I got. 

Plus I got two dozen of these pictures.

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