Wednesday, May 25, 2016

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1.  Blogging/Writing.  I enjoy looking at pictures I've taken and thinking about things I've done.  I agree memories are the most valuable thing you can carry with you.  Sadly I haven't been taking pictures lately.

2.  Reading.  I find it more rewarding than tv or video games as an escape.  I really wanted to put them both on the list but they have too much of an addictive component that can leave me feeling irritated.  So I would rather do those things instead of reading but it doesn't pay off in the long run.  Long-term happiness = reading.  I haven't been reading lately either.

3.  Painting.  Painting minis.  It's fun to do and I like looking at them when they are done.  And let's just say I haven't been doing any of this stuff.

4.  Planning Trips.  I like planning trips as much as I like taking them.  I really want to go to St. Louis.  I've planned multiple trips.  Looked at lots of maps and pictures.  When I finally go I bet I feel like I've already been there.  It might take a lot of surprise out of the trip but I feel like being overly prepared will make me more adaptable and less likely to get lost.  When I went to Berkeley I memorized the maps before I went.  Best decision ever.  Anyway, I guess this is a fun escape but it could provide to be useful someday.

5.  Decluttering/Organizing.  Once again, fun to do and I enjoy the results.  I hate actual cleaning though.

6. Thrift Shopping.  And this is why I need to declutter more.  I don't know the appeal.  I like to think I'm an anti-stuff person.  I guess it's like taking things out to borrow.  You pay a little, take some crap home, and bring it back when you are sick of it?  It's fun.

7.  Exploring.  Parks, trails, beaches.  I enjoy the change of scenery, the simplicity, the little surprises.

8.  Dining Out.  Not sure if there is anything to point out here besides the obvious.

9.  Festivals and Events.  I like that these things give me something to look forward to and they are usually all about art, education, and food.  Can't go wrong.  Until you mention parking situations and crowds....  I can handle it.  Sometimes.

10.  Vacations.  I enjoy adventures.  The bonus to vacations is after one I'm usually content to be home for awhile.

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