Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I'm 33.  I'd say it will take awhile to get used to but I've said I was 33 while I was 32 so it would all be a lie.

Guy really wanted to make a birthday breakfast.  He made me a chocolate chip eggo waffle with sprinkles and cinnamon sugar on it.  Daisy tried to copy his super secret recipe.

I wanted to leave the house for my birthday because I don't like being home most the time because it's like being at work 24/7.  Not cool.  It was hard to get out of the house because of Daisy's super stellar hiding spot.  She was not pleased with her choice.

We went to the movies.  It was my birthday so I picked.  The kids kept trying to talk me into The Angry Birds Movie which isn't out yet.  Some days you can't please kids.  So we went to see Zootopia.  I liked it. Daisy had to use the potty twice.  Nels kept whisper during the previews "Is this the movie? No?  How about this one, is this the movie?"  Eventually I started ignoring him.  About 30 minutes into Zootopia he yelled "This is the movie, right?"  And after that he kept yelling "When's it going to be over?  Is it over yet?"  Guy generally did okay.  I think I only caught him in hiding in his shirt twice.  We are getting there.

Since it was my birthday I yelled at the kids a bit and then we went to some stores and I yelled at them a little more.  Then we went out for dinner and I yelled at the waitstaff a bit.  And then we went home and I watched some Stargate Atlantis which is really all that I had wanted for my birthday.

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