Friday, March 4, 2016

Just me and a dog.

I recently read a convincing article on why you shouldn't put pictures of your kids on the internet.  Because they aren't really yours since you don't own people.  So here's a picture of me and a dog.  I think I can put dogs pictures on the internet because she is mine?  Do you really have ownership of an animal?  I think you do.  I think you can say "I own this" and point to a dog.  And then people think you might just own the beautiful collar she is wearing and it wasn't a gift but a loaner.

Guy is old enough to read my blog and he laughs at anything that might sound embarrassing or rude that I wrote because I have a slightly mean sense of humor.  I don't know if he gets me or can just tell when I'm trying to be funny.  Not long ago at his school I told a joke to his friend, who did not laugh, but Guy chimed him to tell his friend "My mom is joking, she's really funny."  Maybe I've trained him to say that but since I don't own him and he is a free person I will take it as a supreme compliment.

So my kids are young enough that they like to see pictures and stories about them shared to potential strangers.  They obviously don't really understand what it means so I guess I better be prepared to start hiding stuff.  

I guess I can take pictures of myself.  Or the dog.  Can't say either I find that exciting.  But I do find this story exciting... I read "Supposing..." to my dog and she loved it.  It's one of my favorites as well.  After I read the book to the pup, I threw it on the dining room table.  Later I found her standing next to the table (a big no-no) and when I made eye contact with her she didn't get down or run away guiltily.  She just put her nose on top of the book, like "Let's read it again!"  Supposing... my dog and I don't get along because we are too much alike...  Proof: She did wake me up at midnight last night to ask for a snack.  

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