Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Rearranged Some Stuff

I didn't do much to the guest room.  I'm scared of painting.  It's messy and I'm not really set on any color...besides NOT yellow.  I love the white but there is a yellow wall in that room.  It's like someone was smoking over by the window for decades.  Before the house was even built someone was standing next to that drywall just smoking away.  Maybe I'll start a year of painting when Daisy is older and can stay out of my paint or at least help without dripping all over the place.  No yellow.

I rearranged some furniture.  Took some stuff out, put some stuff in.  It's nice.  It's going in the right direction.

Old roomie left some stuff in the room I could use.  Plus I had a bed frame my mom gave me.  I bought new bedding (ordered online from Ikea), towels for the bathroom (in gunmetal grey because that's the best color for painting the weapons on minis and I want my imaginary guests to be reminded of this), and a different chair.  I don't like chairs with wheels or armrests.  Too much going on.


I thought I would really make an impact here and I kind of just straightened up.  I tried my best.  I like to say that.  I recently attempted to super glue something at the table and I ruined it and part of the table and my response was "Oh well... I tried my best."  When has doing something as quick and as messy as possible "my best"?  I'm not sure what my best even is but I think hitting is rare.  Very rare.

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