Monday, March 14, 2016

Dinosaurs Aren't So Bad

I took a break from using technology because I felt like the kids (not me, of course not me) relied on it too much for entertainment.  With Daisy's love of Dinosaurs you'd think she'd appreciate my old ways.  No.
It was hard for me to deal with the whining and the obsessive asking but I did fine not using.  Although sometime in the last 15 years the fabric store moved and I was too stubborn to use my GPS.  Didn't matter anyway because I know how to get to Izzy's, the pizza buffet.  Izzy's replaced their chocolate lava cakes with bread pudding.  I'm not sure if it's permanent?  I need to go back soon to investigate.  Anyway I know where the fabric store is now and will make another attempt later.

Here are some things I kind of wish I took a photo of during the technology freeze...
*Daisy riding down a steep hill on a tricycle.
*A cat in a thrift shop sitting in a suitcase full of hats.  (I want to find someone with a cat allergy and buy them a hat.)
*Nels pulling a duck toy on a string, while insisting he was in fact a big kid and should be allowed to ride a hoverboard.
*Daisy drawing a band-aid on paper, cutting it out, and attempting to glue it to her arm.  (It failed if you want to know.)
*Nels telling me my stomach felt so pizza dough.  (Maybe I don't want a photo of that... but the compliment made me feel really good about myself for a second.)
*Daisy matching some hot pink pants with a hot pink shirt and then getting into the make up to make herself look like a "cat".  (She looked more like the joker but when I told her this she became very annoyed with me.)
*The kids laughing at me when I told them to be on "their best behavior" in Izzy's and then accuse me of joking.  (I guess constantly yelling stuff like "Food fight!" and "First one to eat 100 ice cream cones wins!" might have me losing credibility.)

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