Saturday, March 26, 2016

Them vs. Us

Spring Break has been going along smoothly although it's about to come to an abrupt end.  The one who will be most disappointed is Nels.   He doesn't get this kind of attention from big brother all that often and he loves it.  I'm so happy for him to have such a great big brother.


And that leaves us.  We are always stuck as buddies.  Some days we like it.  Some days we don't like our main buddy to be 30 years older/younger than us.  She starts dance classes soon soon she can meet some like-minded tots.  I bet all 3 year olds are "like-minded" but I thought it sounded funny.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Rearranged Some Stuff

I didn't do much to the guest room.  I'm scared of painting.  It's messy and I'm not really set on any color...besides NOT yellow.  I love the white but there is a yellow wall in that room.  It's like someone was smoking over by the window for decades.  Before the house was even built someone was standing next to that drywall just smoking away.  Maybe I'll start a year of painting when Daisy is older and can stay out of my paint or at least help without dripping all over the place.  No yellow.

I rearranged some furniture.  Took some stuff out, put some stuff in.  It's nice.  It's going in the right direction.

Old roomie left some stuff in the room I could use.  Plus I had a bed frame my mom gave me.  I bought new bedding (ordered online from Ikea), towels for the bathroom (in gunmetal grey because that's the best color for painting the weapons on minis and I want my imaginary guests to be reminded of this), and a different chair.  I don't like chairs with wheels or armrests.  Too much going on.


I thought I would really make an impact here and I kind of just straightened up.  I tried my best.  I like to say that.  I recently attempted to super glue something at the table and I ruined it and part of the table and my response was "Oh well... I tried my best."  When has doing something as quick and as messy as possible "my best"?  I'm not sure what my best even is but I think hitting is rare.  Very rare.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Don't Need No Reward Stickers

I still don't understand the double negative.  Do people mentally strike both negatives? Or do they accept the first one and take the second one as a note of passion (aka crazy)?  I love passion.  I'm passionate about passion.  When I hear someone use a double negative I'm always like "Preach!"  But when I use the word "always" I usually mean "one time or possibly less".

Daisy was proud of her reward sticker artwork.  They were quite cute stickers.  The arrangement keeps my interest.  Nicely done, little lass.

If I had a reward sticker chart I would have put a bunch of stickers on it and then later when the guilt hit I actually didn't do anything I would have to try to peel them off and I'd be stuck with a wilted, torn up piece of paper.  In other words, I'm not accomplishing goals I've set out for myself.  And I don't know how much I care.  I started taking anxiety medication at the beginning of the year and I can't figure out if it's good or bad. I wouldn't say I'm apathetic but the cons don't bother me because my anxiety that would tell me to care is quiet.  Too quiet...  Which is tough when anxiety was the only motivator I've had for along time.  I think I just need time to readjust.  Perhaps my values aren't quite what I thought they were.  That's okay.  I'll figure it out.  In the meantime I'll sleep a little more, daydream a little more.  ALTHOUGH...On my drive to the library I started on a thought process of living without arms and it made me cry.  I need to be more careful.  I can't just start showing up at things sobbing and then try to explain that I feel so bad for people who don't have arms.  I know if I did that someone without arms would show up out of nowhere and just slap me.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Dinosaurs Aren't So Bad

I took a break from using technology because I felt like the kids (not me, of course not me) relied on it too much for entertainment.  With Daisy's love of Dinosaurs you'd think she'd appreciate my old ways.  No.
It was hard for me to deal with the whining and the obsessive asking but I did fine not using.  Although sometime in the last 15 years the fabric store moved and I was too stubborn to use my GPS.  Didn't matter anyway because I know how to get to Izzy's, the pizza buffet.  Izzy's replaced their chocolate lava cakes with bread pudding.  I'm not sure if it's permanent?  I need to go back soon to investigate.  Anyway I know where the fabric store is now and will make another attempt later.

Here are some things I kind of wish I took a photo of during the technology freeze...
*Daisy riding down a steep hill on a tricycle.
*A cat in a thrift shop sitting in a suitcase full of hats.  (I want to find someone with a cat allergy and buy them a hat.)
*Nels pulling a duck toy on a string, while insisting he was in fact a big kid and should be allowed to ride a hoverboard.
*Daisy drawing a band-aid on paper, cutting it out, and attempting to glue it to her arm.  (It failed if you want to know.)
*Nels telling me my stomach felt so pizza dough.  (Maybe I don't want a photo of that... but the compliment made me feel really good about myself for a second.)
*Daisy matching some hot pink pants with a hot pink shirt and then getting into the make up to make herself look like a "cat".  (She looked more like the joker but when I told her this she became very annoyed with me.)
*The kids laughing at me when I told them to be on "their best behavior" in Izzy's and then accuse me of joking.  (I guess constantly yelling stuff like "Food fight!" and "First one to eat 100 ice cream cones wins!" might have me losing credibility.)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Chalk Drawings

I'm going to post pictures of my kids because they drew some stuff I think is super cool.  If it embarrasses them later in life I will blur their faces and change their names to "Octopus Advocate" and "CEO of Fish Car Inc."

Nels says they are holding hands.  That may have been after he beat him up and dragged him out of a bay.  I need to look up if that's still legal.  I don't want to do it but it's nice to know in case someone I know ever gets into some legal troubles.

Daisy drew a fish car first and then followed it with this adorable little stick dude.  I think different sized eyes is something I find cute.  It's probably human nature to be attracted to someone who's missing half an eye.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Just me and a dog.

I recently read a convincing article on why you shouldn't put pictures of your kids on the internet.  Because they aren't really yours since you don't own people.  So here's a picture of me and a dog.  I think I can put dogs pictures on the internet because she is mine?  Do you really have ownership of an animal?  I think you do.  I think you can say "I own this" and point to a dog.  And then people think you might just own the beautiful collar she is wearing and it wasn't a gift but a loaner.

Guy is old enough to read my blog and he laughs at anything that might sound embarrassing or rude that I wrote because I have a slightly mean sense of humor.  I don't know if he gets me or can just tell when I'm trying to be funny.  Not long ago at his school I told a joke to his friend, who did not laugh, but Guy chimed him to tell his friend "My mom is joking, she's really funny."  Maybe I've trained him to say that but since I don't own him and he is a free person I will take it as a supreme compliment.

So my kids are young enough that they like to see pictures and stories about them shared to potential strangers.  They obviously don't really understand what it means so I guess I better be prepared to start hiding stuff.  

I guess I can take pictures of myself.  Or the dog.  Can't say either I find that exciting.  But I do find this story exciting... I read "Supposing..." to my dog and she loved it.  It's one of my favorites as well.  After I read the book to the pup, I threw it on the dining room table.  Later I found her standing next to the table (a big no-no) and when I made eye contact with her she didn't get down or run away guiltily.  She just put her nose on top of the book, like "Let's read it again!"  Supposing... my dog and I don't get along because we are too much alike...  Proof: She did wake me up at midnight last night to ask for a snack.