Friday, February 12, 2016

Pizza & Movie Night

Every Friday is pizza and movie night for the kids and me.

My Pizza Cost Calculations
I use this dough recipe which is easy (because of the bread maker) and really good.
My cost analysis is is follows...
Dough:  $2.84
1.25C water = $0
2C flour = 40c
1C semolina = $2
1/2t salt = 2c
1t sugar = 2c
2t oil = 30c
2t yeast = 10c
Sauce is 50c for homemade and 75c store bought.
Cheese is $3.40
Pepperoni is 85c, but I also use $3 Jimmy Dean Meat Lovers - which reminds me of Pizza Hut Meat Lovers pizza.  I know that might be repulsive to some people.  But I love Pizza Hut.  I actually can't even think of one pizza place that I'd avoid.  I guess Papa John's but it's not that I don't like the pizza.  It just made me sick two times in a row.  Third times a charm, so in this case death probably.

 So I've come up with $7.59-$9.99 for two small, maybe mediumish, pizzas.  I think that's a good deal for a "real" pizza place but probably on par with Little Caesars or Papa Murphys.  I like my pizzas a lot and it's nice not having to go anywhere to get them.  Plus I feel like I have it down where it is easy.  I'll keep it up but I will feel very little guilt if I feel like grabbing take out pizza.

Our Movies
We get our movies from the library and if I forget we find something off Netflix or watch a DVD.  We started watching one family movie but I've started doing two movies.  One animated and one live-action.

Last week we watched The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie because the kids kept saying they hated SpongeBob and I kept saying "No, you don't."  I forced them to watch the movie so they'd admit there is nothing wrong with SpongeBob.  Of course everybody liked it because I'm a genius.  Then we watched Big.  I liked it a lot as a kid.  I remembered Josh's super cool job and his apartment with the trampoline and soda machine.  What I didn't remember, probably because I always watched the edited version on TV as an absent-minded child that there is in fact a good deal of swearing and that this 13-year-old-kid-trapped-in-a-mans-body has a sexual relationship with a grown woman.  I kept having to tell this kids "This is not OK." And they were very confused about my comments.  "You mean you shouldn't call someone an 'Ash', mom?"  Actually that's a perfectly acceptable nickname to give anyone that has a chainsaw attached to their arm.  "Huh?"

Tonight we will watch Shrek (Guy's request) and Shipwrecked (another 'gem' from childhood that will probably turn out to be awful).

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