Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh Daisy...

Daisy got an ear infection.  Took some delicious amoxicillin (bubble gum flavor?). Puked it up several times, got a polka dotted rash.   I thought she'd be excited to be polka dotted.  No.  Polka dotted underpants are cool.  Polka dotted skin...not so much.  She showed everyone in the doctors office her skin.  She yelled "I don't want to look this this!"  She's hooked too much on appearances if you ask me.  Anyway I am happy to stop giving her amoxicillin and he is happy to stop taking it.

At least she can take pride in her beautiful fingernails.  Painting tiny fingernails on gigantic hands is hard.

But spotting a sneaky girl is harder.  She pushed a chair across the house, climbed to the top of my dresser, opened the nail polish and painted her toes/feet/carpet.  She's beach ready.

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