Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Goals - That No One is Doing

I feel like I'm failing to keep on top of housework and goals happen after housework.  I also feel like the children are spending too much time using various technology.  Not only am I trying to pry them away, I get carried away with the technology as well.  Daisy wanted to watch Frozen and twenty minutes into it she said she was done.  I was already heavily invested in the story at that point and had to force her to finish watching this movie with me.  I can't be caught watching that movie alone.  She was only slightly traumatized but still picked out a Frozen birthday cake for her 3rd birthday next week.  I spent a day having Nels teach me how to play games on the phone.  He said all the bosses at the end of the Scooby Doo game levels had 1,000,000 lives and just don't even attempt it.  Who kicked their costumed butts?  It took 999,997 less hits than Nels led me to believe.

One of my little distractions....
Also, one of three of my biggest, most important, responsibilities plus the main reason I stay home.

January Goals
*Complete or give up on all the projects in my "to-do boxes" in the garage.
Didn't even look at them,  I don't want to get rid of them yet so NEEDS WORK.

*Hang up (or get rid of) all wall things (picture frames, posters, etc).  I still have piles from moving.
I got some up but I had way more than I realized.  NEEDS WORK.  

I have all that's left in this neat "little" stack...

*Redo Cats/Board Game room.  I love board games and I hate that they share of a room with a litter box.  So I need to rehome those and get the cats room a little more catty.
I moved the board games to a corner of the living room floor.  NEEDS WORK.

*Design Guest Room.  I'll do the actual work in February.

*Plan our 10 year anniversary trip for April.
We know what we want to do - just a little weekend trip.  I'll sort out the details in MARCH.
Done for now.

*Start a new address book and update contact list.

*Scrapbook Fall 2015 photos.  Complete Nels' Book #2 and Daisy's Book #1 (from Nov...oops)
I ordered Fall photos but have yet to receive them.  Those two books are complete, although some pages are probably done in a very lazy fashion.  NEEDS WORK

I think even my lazy work is acceptable.  Although I guess labeling Daisy "cute" and "pretty" is against every parenting rule.  I can't help it.  When you hear one of my boys squeal "That baby is soooo cute!" while barely being able to resist touching it... they may have got that from me.

*Build, paint/stain, and home beehives.
Getting there.  One hive needs a lot of work and the other hive we don't have all the pieces for yet.  NEEDS WORK.


*Learn to bake almond cookies.  Calculate costs of homemade vs. store bought pizza and green smoothies.
I have all the ingredients for the cookies.  I did the smoothie calculations and I have the pizza figures scratched out on a napkin.  NEEDS WORK

February Goals
I was planning to redo the guest room and remove scotch broom from the property.  I feel like tacking this stuff onto my failed month will only cause double failure.  I will do what I can on my guest room February 17th.  It's set on the calendar.  And one of these weekends I'll get my husbands assistance to take down as much scotch broom possible.

Kids Goals
I was hoping to set some goals for the kids to get them away from technology a little more, but I'm not going extravagant since I have a lack of 'getting stuff done'.
Daisy - Paint fingernails for first time.
Nels - Complete Super Slime Factory kit.
Guy - Complete Tinker Crate kit.

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