Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Studio Ghibli themed kids carnival games?  AIEEE!!  Kids favorite game was fishing for Ponyo.  I need to introduce my kids to stuff I like!  We got Princess Mononoke for this weeks movie night.   Ponyo will probably be next.

CUTE ANIMALS!  Kids got to touch all sorts of reptiles and small mammals.  I was very surprised how trusting the animal handlers were.  I don't even trust my children to hold a can of soda for me.

Food.  Sort of.  So... I accidentally ordered some spicy tofu.  I'm kind of an idiot.  Some people have to like it but judging by how many full bowls of it I saw in the compost bin when I added mine, many people don't.

So while the kids were relaxing with some lemonade dragon or lion dancers walked by.  I don't know the difference.  But it was about the moment that I lost the kids as they went chasing after it.  Daisy was yelling "Come here, little dragon!"  If it was real, it could have totally ate her.  But maybe, just maybe, we can go see Pete's Dragon when it's out in theaters this summer.  I liked the original as a kid but I can't truthfully say that I still like it now.  Sorry Elliot, no offense.  Don't eat me.

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