Friday, February 12, 2016

Daisy turned 3!

Little Daisy girl turned 3 years old yesterday.  I am sick so we didn't do all the wonderful things I promised her.  She has an ear infection and is in a cartoon-watching mood so she didn't really mind.

She went out for lunch with daddy and I took her to the Dollar Tree to buy everything her heart desired.  A balloon, a pirate coloring book, and two Frozen puzzles.

She wanted a Frozen cake.  We got her a frozen Frozen cake to be safe.  (Ice cream cake)

The dog casually looked on, drooling.  She has already eaten one piece of Daisy's birthday presents.  BAH.  In the dog's defense it was part of a CUPCAKE board game.  But in my defense, it was part of a cupcake BOARD GAME.  Thankfully Daisy doesn't play by games rules yet.

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