Thursday, February 25, 2016


This was such a traumatizing experience I never said anything about it...until now.

Guy's school was canceled several weeks ago because they lost power.  He stayed home and played video games and ate candy and about 8am I threw a tiny tantrum and he made himself a list of things he normally did at school and we tried to followed it.  For his math he went shopping at the grocery store and baked a cake.

He was able to add up all the groceries and was within a dollar for the final amount.  He baked the cake (from mix) very successfully.

While frosting his cake, he fell, got hurt, and his cake hit the floor.  And that's when the whole thing went sour.  

In the midst of the tragedy I promised to go buy another one the next day and make it for him so he can start at the re-frosting.  And I did it despite being lazy.  And he finished the cake and it's quite cheerful.  
After he cute out a piece he insisted I take a picture of the inside... so there it is!

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