Saturday, February 27, 2016

Children Are Meant for Free Labor

There is bright orange paint on everything now.  Thankfully it looks good on Daisy's colorful shoes.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Picnic in the Park

 It is 60 degrees out and it felt very hot.  I don't like adapting to temperatures.  Seemed like good picnic weather even if our cream puff kind of melted.

We have never played at this park before and this tiny castle was obviously the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life today.  
The pup even liked it.  Although the best thing that happened at the park was the dog was curious about the playground and fell/tripped/was pushed(?) down the twisty slide.  I've never seen a creature of such grace tumble down a slide before.  I quite enjoyed it.  Sorry if you got hurt, Rogue.

 Nels and Daisy are still talking about their picnic.  We shall arrange for more.
(Daisy saw this picture and said that's her sad because I made her leave. Guess she is frowning...)


This was such a traumatizing experience I never said anything about it...until now.

Guy's school was canceled several weeks ago because they lost power.  He stayed home and played video games and ate candy and about 8am I threw a tiny tantrum and he made himself a list of things he normally did at school and we tried to followed it.  For his math he went shopping at the grocery store and baked a cake.

He was able to add up all the groceries and was within a dollar for the final amount.  He baked the cake (from mix) very successfully.

While frosting his cake, he fell, got hurt, and his cake hit the floor.  And that's when the whole thing went sour.  

In the midst of the tragedy I promised to go buy another one the next day and make it for him so he can start at the re-frosting.  And I did it despite being lazy.  And he finished the cake and it's quite cheerful.  
After he cute out a piece he insisted I take a picture of the inside... so there it is!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Studio Ghibli themed kids carnival games?  AIEEE!!  Kids favorite game was fishing for Ponyo.  I need to introduce my kids to stuff I like!  We got Princess Mononoke for this weeks movie night.   Ponyo will probably be next.

CUTE ANIMALS!  Kids got to touch all sorts of reptiles and small mammals.  I was very surprised how trusting the animal handlers were.  I don't even trust my children to hold a can of soda for me.

Food.  Sort of.  So... I accidentally ordered some spicy tofu.  I'm kind of an idiot.  Some people have to like it but judging by how many full bowls of it I saw in the compost bin when I added mine, many people don't.

So while the kids were relaxing with some lemonade dragon or lion dancers walked by.  I don't know the difference.  But it was about the moment that I lost the kids as they went chasing after it.  Daisy was yelling "Come here, little dragon!"  If it was real, it could have totally ate her.  But maybe, just maybe, we can go see Pete's Dragon when it's out in theaters this summer.  I liked the original as a kid but I can't truthfully say that I still like it now.  Sorry Elliot, no offense.  Don't eat me.


Nels didn't want to follow any of the recipes in his little Slime making kit.  He wanted to wing it.  Sounds good to me.  Although after I saw how much glitter was covering the floor and table afterward I felt a little woozy. 

Daisy inspected his work and said it was very pretty.

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Walk to Maybe Not Remember

We took a little hike and have many failed attempts to take our own photo.  We also failed at playing "Pooh Sticks" since everything seemed to sink in the river.

Our toughest part of the hike was when the boys wanted to pose with a tiny mushroom for a photo but Daisy wanted to pick the mushroom.  It went downhill from there.
Daisy refused to walk after that and insisted she was "lumpy".  I tried to tell her the different between "grumpy" and "lumpy" but she was still convinced she suffered from lumpiness.  Maybe someday, Daisy.  Someday.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Cool Stuff I Like to Play With

At the science museum we found out about these jelly marbles that become invisible in water.   I think I was more impressed than the kids.  We bought some.  I play with them.  Yay!

And then I saw hydrophobic sand for the first time!  I bought some of that too.  I should let the marbles live in the sand now.  And their only threat will be graboids from the sky and possibly over absorption.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh Daisy...

Daisy got an ear infection.  Took some delicious amoxicillin (bubble gum flavor?). Puked it up several times, got a polka dotted rash.   I thought she'd be excited to be polka dotted.  No.  Polka dotted underpants are cool.  Polka dotted skin...not so much.  She showed everyone in the doctors office her skin.  She yelled "I don't want to look this this!"  She's hooked too much on appearances if you ask me.  Anyway I am happy to stop giving her amoxicillin and he is happy to stop taking it.

At least she can take pride in her beautiful fingernails.  Painting tiny fingernails on gigantic hands is hard.

But spotting a sneaky girl is harder.  She pushed a chair across the house, climbed to the top of my dresser, opened the nail polish and painted her toes/feet/carpet.  She's beach ready.

Monday, February 15, 2016

That Is All.

Valentines Day

 Guy was suppose to bring a Valentine box to school.  He started the process by cutting out random bits of paper.  Then I demanded a drawing.  He gave me a crude thing saying this isn't really what it's going to look like.  So I asked for some details which he said "Over here it'll have a thing and on this side there will be a something shaped like an eagle talon and over here will be painted with glitter..."  I didn't want to do the project for him but he obviously needed some guidance here.  I had him build something out of Legos and duplicate it.  I think it worked.  Probably not what he had in mind but this one holds cards. 

He wanted Lego Movie valentines.  I don't know if they make those.  So he set up his Lego Movie figures and we took a picture.  It's suppose to say "I Love You" in the Legos.  And we stapled on some Wikki Stix because they are the best.   Not for eats (unless you are a dog, more specifically: our dog) but for playing with while you lay in bed with a tummy ache from all the delicious candy.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Daisy turned 3!

Little Daisy girl turned 3 years old yesterday.  I am sick so we didn't do all the wonderful things I promised her.  She has an ear infection and is in a cartoon-watching mood so she didn't really mind.

She went out for lunch with daddy and I took her to the Dollar Tree to buy everything her heart desired.  A balloon, a pirate coloring book, and two Frozen puzzles.

She wanted a Frozen cake.  We got her a frozen Frozen cake to be safe.  (Ice cream cake)

The dog casually looked on, drooling.  She has already eaten one piece of Daisy's birthday presents.  BAH.  In the dog's defense it was part of a CUPCAKE board game.  But in my defense, it was part of a cupcake BOARD GAME.  Thankfully Daisy doesn't play by games rules yet.

Pizza & Movie Night

Every Friday is pizza and movie night for the kids and me.

My Pizza Cost Calculations
I use this dough recipe which is easy (because of the bread maker) and really good.
My cost analysis is is follows...
Dough:  $2.84
1.25C water = $0
2C flour = 40c
1C semolina = $2
1/2t salt = 2c
1t sugar = 2c
2t oil = 30c
2t yeast = 10c
Sauce is 50c for homemade and 75c store bought.
Cheese is $3.40
Pepperoni is 85c, but I also use $3 Jimmy Dean Meat Lovers - which reminds me of Pizza Hut Meat Lovers pizza.  I know that might be repulsive to some people.  But I love Pizza Hut.  I actually can't even think of one pizza place that I'd avoid.  I guess Papa John's but it's not that I don't like the pizza.  It just made me sick two times in a row.  Third times a charm, so in this case death probably.

 So I've come up with $7.59-$9.99 for two small, maybe mediumish, pizzas.  I think that's a good deal for a "real" pizza place but probably on par with Little Caesars or Papa Murphys.  I like my pizzas a lot and it's nice not having to go anywhere to get them.  Plus I feel like I have it down where it is easy.  I'll keep it up but I will feel very little guilt if I feel like grabbing take out pizza.

Our Movies
We get our movies from the library and if I forget we find something off Netflix or watch a DVD.  We started watching one family movie but I've started doing two movies.  One animated and one live-action.

Last week we watched The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie because the kids kept saying they hated SpongeBob and I kept saying "No, you don't."  I forced them to watch the movie so they'd admit there is nothing wrong with SpongeBob.  Of course everybody liked it because I'm a genius.  Then we watched Big.  I liked it a lot as a kid.  I remembered Josh's super cool job and his apartment with the trampoline and soda machine.  What I didn't remember, probably because I always watched the edited version on TV as an absent-minded child that there is in fact a good deal of swearing and that this 13-year-old-kid-trapped-in-a-mans-body has a sexual relationship with a grown woman.  I kept having to tell this kids "This is not OK." And they were very confused about my comments.  "You mean you shouldn't call someone an 'Ash', mom?"  Actually that's a perfectly acceptable nickname to give anyone that has a chainsaw attached to their arm.  "Huh?"

Tonight we will watch Shrek (Guy's request) and Shipwrecked (another 'gem' from childhood that will probably turn out to be awful).

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Goals - That No One is Doing

I feel like I'm failing to keep on top of housework and goals happen after housework.  I also feel like the children are spending too much time using various technology.  Not only am I trying to pry them away, I get carried away with the technology as well.  Daisy wanted to watch Frozen and twenty minutes into it she said she was done.  I was already heavily invested in the story at that point and had to force her to finish watching this movie with me.  I can't be caught watching that movie alone.  She was only slightly traumatized but still picked out a Frozen birthday cake for her 3rd birthday next week.  I spent a day having Nels teach me how to play games on the phone.  He said all the bosses at the end of the Scooby Doo game levels had 1,000,000 lives and just don't even attempt it.  Who kicked their costumed butts?  It took 999,997 less hits than Nels led me to believe.

One of my little distractions....
Also, one of three of my biggest, most important, responsibilities plus the main reason I stay home.

January Goals
*Complete or give up on all the projects in my "to-do boxes" in the garage.
Didn't even look at them,  I don't want to get rid of them yet so NEEDS WORK.

*Hang up (or get rid of) all wall things (picture frames, posters, etc).  I still have piles from moving.
I got some up but I had way more than I realized.  NEEDS WORK.  

I have all that's left in this neat "little" stack...

*Redo Cats/Board Game room.  I love board games and I hate that they share of a room with a litter box.  So I need to rehome those and get the cats room a little more catty.
I moved the board games to a corner of the living room floor.  NEEDS WORK.

*Design Guest Room.  I'll do the actual work in February.

*Plan our 10 year anniversary trip for April.
We know what we want to do - just a little weekend trip.  I'll sort out the details in MARCH.
Done for now.

*Start a new address book and update contact list.

*Scrapbook Fall 2015 photos.  Complete Nels' Book #2 and Daisy's Book #1 (from Nov...oops)
I ordered Fall photos but have yet to receive them.  Those two books are complete, although some pages are probably done in a very lazy fashion.  NEEDS WORK

I think even my lazy work is acceptable.  Although I guess labeling Daisy "cute" and "pretty" is against every parenting rule.  I can't help it.  When you hear one of my boys squeal "That baby is soooo cute!" while barely being able to resist touching it... they may have got that from me.

*Build, paint/stain, and home beehives.
Getting there.  One hive needs a lot of work and the other hive we don't have all the pieces for yet.  NEEDS WORK.


*Learn to bake almond cookies.  Calculate costs of homemade vs. store bought pizza and green smoothies.
I have all the ingredients for the cookies.  I did the smoothie calculations and I have the pizza figures scratched out on a napkin.  NEEDS WORK

February Goals
I was planning to redo the guest room and remove scotch broom from the property.  I feel like tacking this stuff onto my failed month will only cause double failure.  I will do what I can on my guest room February 17th.  It's set on the calendar.  And one of these weekends I'll get my husbands assistance to take down as much scotch broom possible.

Kids Goals
I was hoping to set some goals for the kids to get them away from technology a little more, but I'm not going extravagant since I have a lack of 'getting stuff done'.
Daisy - Paint fingernails for first time.
Nels - Complete Super Slime Factory kit.
Guy - Complete Tinker Crate kit.