Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Goals


*Complete or give up on all the projects in my "to-do boxes" in the garage.

*Hang up (or get rid of) all wall things (picture frames, posters, etc).  I still have piles from moving.

*Redo Cats/Board Game room.  I love board games and I hate that they share of a room with a litter box.  So I need to rehome those and get the cats room a little more catty.

*Design Guest Room.  I'll do the actual work in February.

*Plan our 10 year anniversary trip for April.

*Start a new address book and update contact list.

*Scrapbook Fall 2015 photos.  Complete Nels' Book #2 and Daisy's Book #1 (from Nov...oops)

*Build, paint/stain, and home beehives.

*Learn to bake almond cookies.  Calculate costs of homemade vs. store bought pizza and green smoothies.

That's it for now.  And it'll probably be plenty!

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