Friday, January 8, 2016

Guest Room Plans

My plans!  I think if I really did the room this way it might feel crowded.  I have a desk now and no daybed so I'll start there.  I'd love to get a daybed eventually and would be okay taking that desk out if needed.  My budget for February decorating is $200 which is no where near my calculated $1,600 to do the room how I want.  So I'll just get the best start on it I can.  I want it to be nature themed which I may end up taking a little too literal.  Critters are just so cute!

Kinds of things I am thinking about for the room...

1.  I want a white daybed with sides.  This one from Ikea looks good to me but maybe I can find something during yard sale season.
2.  Big round rug.  This is probably a someday item since rugs are expensive.
3.  I love these sheets from Ikea and think I'm getting these.  My mom offered me some freebies so it would make sense to take her up on those but these are only $30 and I looooove them! 
4.  A luggage rack.  I think it would be great to have an open, empty closet with nice hangers (which I can steal from my own closet) and a luggage rack.  It would feel like a real hotel.
5.  I was thinking it would be neat to have a stenciled wall in the room.  Still thinking this one over.  $50 for a stencil and after paint, that would be half my budget. 
6.  I love this shower curtain.. used as a real curtain?  It's probably more than I need but it's so so cute.
7.  I want to have a little play area with a chair.  I like this one from Ikea but I bet there are quite of few chairs out there that would be suitable.  I just want it to be on the smaller side.  Might be another yard/thrift store find.
8. I want a little rug to designate the play area.  This one is super cute but too expensive and too large.  I know Ikea has small rugs for cheap but they don't ship them and I don't think it's worth the drive for a small rug.  I might be able to find something at a yard sale or a discount store.
9.  Woodland toys are a must!  I'm sure I can get all of these at yard sales but this one is so adorable!

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