Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Goals

I prefer setting monthly goals since it's more doable.  But I have a couple of things to get done in 2016.  Beating Nels' high scores on Super Alpine Racer unfortunately is not a goal for 2016.  I thought about it but I don't have his gift.

I have my reading goal set at 24 books.  I want to get my scrapbooks caught up to 2016 and develop a system for getting pages done while I still remember things that have happened at that time.  I want to follow a budget so our big projects happen.  I put together a budget for the entire year.  Of course it's iffy on if it will work but I'm going to attempt it.  We are off to a not-so-great start...spending $20 on fast food.  That's not a category in our budget!  And I'm not going to add it.  I'll have to take it out of something else.

Rough Draft of the Year

Prep Beehives.
Build Chicken Coop.
Decorate Guest Room. (It's a test room.  It shall either help my confidence in decorating or show me that I need to avoid the whole procedure.)

Acquire Chickens and Bees.
Plant Blueberries.
10th Anniversary Trip.
Put together a little Lucy memorial in time for her June 2nd birthday.


Porch Roof Built (by someone else...this is why I need to follow the budget...)
Legoland Vacation for Guy's Birthday (another reason to watch the $)

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