Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sewing Up Pillows

I busted out the sewing machine and Daisy busted it.  Before Daisy managed to break the thing I fixed a couple of throw pillows.  Then the boys wants to make pillows.  So I grudgingly said okay.  And they made them.

Guy is actually good at this.

Daisy was showing promise but then the machine jammed and she didn't stop and I think something is bent.  I can't figure it out.
The pillows!  The boys drew on them with markers and then slept on them.  The markers rubbed off right onto their pretty faces.  Next time I need to get out the good markers.

Friday, January 15, 2016


We have been patching Nels' eye for several weeks now.  An hour a day, broken up into pieces.  Now we have to double it.  Today is day two of 2 hours of eye patching and he's found a solution to get through it.  Zzzz..
I tried to have him wear it in the car yesterday to get a half hour done easily but I noticed he just covered his head with his coat.

Our biggest success is with video games.  When he wants to play sometimes he'll ask "Can I wear my eye patch?"  Or sometimes when I ask him if he wants to play he'll say "Only if I don't have to wear my eye patch."  I guess the two are combined at this point.

Breakfast Smoothies

I've been making my own smoothies the past couple of weeks.  I am using...
1 frozen banana (20¢)
1/2 c frozen berries (60¢)
2 cups of spinach (40¢)
1 T flaxmeal (5¢)
1T peanut butter (20¢)
3/4 c almond milk (25¢)
So if my calculations are correct and they probably aren't but I'm assuming I'm in the ballpark, $1.70 for one.

Except... it makes three times the amount I usually drink.  So I've been feeding it to the kids.  Nels is a big smoothie enthusiast.  I let him pick out whatever he wanted at the grocery store this week and he picked more almond milk.  I asked him what he wanted with that and he said he wants to make more smoothies.  Okie dokie.  
Homemade smoothies I calculated out at 56¢ for an 8 oz cup, store brought at 96¢.  I think homemade could be a little more wasteful since some mornings it doesn't all get drank.  But since it takes some work I'm more likely to skip it.  With store bought it probably gets drank faster since it's so easy but once it's gone, it's gone since I only buy one a week.  With homemade there are lots of substitutions available.

I'll be sticking with homemade for awhile but I bet I find my back to store bought.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Guest Room Plans

My plans!  I think if I really did the room this way it might feel crowded.  I have a desk now and no daybed so I'll start there.  I'd love to get a daybed eventually and would be okay taking that desk out if needed.  My budget for February decorating is $200 which is no where near my calculated $1,600 to do the room how I want.  So I'll just get the best start on it I can.  I want it to be nature themed which I may end up taking a little too literal.  Critters are just so cute!

Kinds of things I am thinking about for the room...

1.  I want a white daybed with sides.  This one from Ikea looks good to me but maybe I can find something during yard sale season.
2.  Big round rug.  This is probably a someday item since rugs are expensive.
3.  I love these sheets from Ikea and think I'm getting these.  My mom offered me some freebies so it would make sense to take her up on those but these are only $30 and I looooove them! 
4.  A luggage rack.  I think it would be great to have an open, empty closet with nice hangers (which I can steal from my own closet) and a luggage rack.  It would feel like a real hotel.
5.  I was thinking it would be neat to have a stenciled wall in the room.  Still thinking this one over.  $50 for a stencil and after paint, that would be half my budget. 
6.  I love this shower curtain.. used as a real curtain?  It's probably more than I need but it's so so cute.
7.  I want to have a little play area with a chair.  I like this one from Ikea but I bet there are quite of few chairs out there that would be suitable.  I just want it to be on the smaller side.  Might be another yard/thrift store find.
8. I want a little rug to designate the play area.  This one is super cute but too expensive and too large.  I know Ikea has small rugs for cheap but they don't ship them and I don't think it's worth the drive for a small rug.  I might be able to find something at a yard sale or a discount store.
9.  Woodland toys are a must!  I'm sure I can get all of these at yard sales but this one is so adorable!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Organized for the New Year

All of our paperwork is in order plus I have a new address book (book on the right).  My old one, which actually looks nice in the photo, was falling apart and several children had recorded illegible notes in it.  I have a hard time finding an address book.  The categories just don't ever match what I need. Where's the line for kids names and birthdays?  Why is there only one mobile phone line?  Why is this stuff even labeled?  Can't it just be a blank lined book with alphabet dividers? Maybe they exist.  Maybe I could have made something.  No.  I'll just complain.  More effective.

Crazy Coloring Lady

Daisy draws and colors all day, minus the breaks she takes to do puzzles.  This may be normal but I find it quite peculiar.  Her independence and ability to entertain herself are quite amazing.  It's like have a little adult in the house - one that cries when there is a Popsicle shortage or one that bites you to see if you are awake.  It's like having a very emotional, crazy adult in the house.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Goals


*Complete or give up on all the projects in my "to-do boxes" in the garage.

*Hang up (or get rid of) all wall things (picture frames, posters, etc).  I still have piles from moving.

*Redo Cats/Board Game room.  I love board games and I hate that they share of a room with a litter box.  So I need to rehome those and get the cats room a little more catty.

*Design Guest Room.  I'll do the actual work in February.

*Plan our 10 year anniversary trip for April.

*Start a new address book and update contact list.

*Scrapbook Fall 2015 photos.  Complete Nels' Book #2 and Daisy's Book #1 (from Nov...oops)

*Build, paint/stain, and home beehives.

*Learn to bake almond cookies.  Calculate costs of homemade vs. store bought pizza and green smoothies.

That's it for now.  And it'll probably be plenty!

2016 Goals

I prefer setting monthly goals since it's more doable.  But I have a couple of things to get done in 2016.  Beating Nels' high scores on Super Alpine Racer unfortunately is not a goal for 2016.  I thought about it but I don't have his gift.

I have my reading goal set at 24 books.  I want to get my scrapbooks caught up to 2016 and develop a system for getting pages done while I still remember things that have happened at that time.  I want to follow a budget so our big projects happen.  I put together a budget for the entire year.  Of course it's iffy on if it will work but I'm going to attempt it.  We are off to a not-so-great start...spending $20 on fast food.  That's not a category in our budget!  And I'm not going to add it.  I'll have to take it out of something else.

Rough Draft of the Year

Prep Beehives.
Build Chicken Coop.
Decorate Guest Room. (It's a test room.  It shall either help my confidence in decorating or show me that I need to avoid the whole procedure.)

Acquire Chickens and Bees.
Plant Blueberries.
10th Anniversary Trip.
Put together a little Lucy memorial in time for her June 2nd birthday.


Porch Roof Built (by someone else...this is why I need to follow the budget...)
Legoland Vacation for Guy's Birthday (another reason to watch the $)