Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We got a little bit a snow.  Enough to build a little snowman before it melted.  The kids never saw the snow so they were confused about the snowman.  I threw out the idea that maybe he wandered out of the woods, looking for a cold place to stay the night.  I think they are growing skeptical.

We had a nice Christmas but I didn't buy anything for the pets so they were a little sad.  Next year I need to remember to have the kids get them something.

 Daisy impressed me by naming everything she unwrapped.  Here she is with her little 'oshi.  The only confusion was when Guy told her that a microscope was in fact a car wash.  She is still sticking to the car wash explanation.

The boys were just excited to give the gifts they picked out as they were to unwrap them.  That's nice to see as a parent.  I need to get them to pick out all the gifts.

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