Monday, December 7, 2015

December Goals

December Goals
1.  Enjoy Christmas season.
2.  See above.

November Accomplishments
1. We saw The Peanuts Movie and loved it.
2. Christmas plans are underway.  I have a couple little things to buy.  Cards to send.  A tree to put up.  Other than that it's just have fun.  We unpacked our Christmas books and have been reading them at bedtime all last week.
3.  Health Insurance is done and paid for.  It costs a fortune.  We pay 14% of our income on health insurance premiums and about 4% on co-pay/co-insurance etc. 18% of our income on health care.  The national average is 6%.  I looked at all the health care options and calculated out the premiums vs. the coverage on an average year for us and feel I picked the best one.  I have no idea what we are doing wrong but I'm going to assume it's the governments fault.  Or the lack of employer health care.  No matter the case the peace of mind is worth it.  I accept being ripped off.
4.  The garage is clean!  It's cold, though.
5.  Heater vents have been cleaned.  Good thing too, because we are using the heaters.  As I said, it is cold.

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