Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Books

This month I will be reading just 2 books.
21 Days to Train Your Dog - I'm going to train the dog.  I picked this one because the other book I found at the library took 30 days.  I'm already daydreaming about all the things I can do in those extra 9 days.
The Body in the Sleigh - My mom was getting rid of it and she said it was good.  Takes place during the holidays.  I think it might be about murder and not yule-tide cheer, but only one way to find out.

In November I read...
Two totally forgettable fashion books (by Tim Gunn and Marisa Lynch).  I guess it's just not that interesting of a topic.  At least to me.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up  I think this author is slightly crazy and I really like her for it.  She is very passionate about tidying and enjoys touching things.  I am a firm believer in you should touch your stuff a lot.  And that is why everything in my house is covered in cheeto dust and melted popsicles.  I liked this book but I didn't see it as that different from other decluttering books.

The Wise Man's Fear is a very long, slightly verbose book.  The book's protagonist is a cocky, good-at-everything type of dude.  I was getting bored, it was getting old... but the good thing about overly descriptive books is you get very invested and you feel like you've really been there.  So, I'm attached, yes.  I've been on an incredible adventure.  I just wish I liked the main character.  I find high charisma appalling.

After that very long book, I was so excited to read something easy and short! The Awakening!  WAS TERRIBLE.  If someone is the first person to do something and then other people come along and do the same thing better....I guess you still give credit to the first?  But I don't want to read it.  I don't even want to read the current books about depressed, suicidal women.  No, thank you.

Thankfully I had another shortie to read...The Phantom Tollbooth.  This was an adventure story full of puns for youngsters.  I love puns!  They are very difficult for me to think up.  I find it incredible that someone came up with all of these puns and connected them all into a story.

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