Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Ornaments

We picked out our ornaments for 2015!
I got the house, same as every year.

Guy looked online and couldn't decide between a house that played music and Snoopy's pinewood derby. His favorite part of the "The Peanuts Movie" was Snoopy's airplane so he changed his mind in the store.  I'm glad he picked it over the pinewood derby because that one is Boy Scout-ish and he is not in the Boy Scouts.

Nels wanted Wonder Woman but they were out.  So after a bit of complaining he unenthusiastically picked out the second most bodacious babe, Tinker Bell.  Thankfully the gal working overheard him and found him a Wonder Woman he could turn into his own ornament.  He was very grateful.

Daisy looked at all the ornaments and screamed in delight when she found the babies.  She hugged the box all the way home.

I think we did really good this year.  Now we just have to hope the super glue doesn't need to come out.

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