Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Books

I read 39 books this year according to my GoodReads tracker.  This month I read the two I was planning on  (nothing worth mentioning) plus 3 more that were on the best books of the year list at and they just showed up from the library faster than I was anticipating.

I read Confess (romance) and All the Bright Places (YA).  They were easy to read and (mostly) enjoyable.  More like guilty pleasure books than something you'd urge a friend to read.  I also read Modern Romance by comedian Aziz Ansari.  I was confused why the book was listed as non-fiction and not comedy.  That's because it is in fact non-fiction.  It's basically behavioral economics!  One of my favorite subjects!  So I really liked the book even if the topic was something I have zero interest/experience in - online dating.  Good read.

In 2016 I'm going to set my book reading goals back down to 24 books, 2 a month.  Last year I thought of a fantasy book situation I wanted to read but I couldn't find anything like it so I kept thinking more and more about it.  I figure this year I will attempt to construct something.  I don't really see myself as capable plus the idea seems too complicated for me.  But I really want to read it and no one else has agreed to write it.  I might drop the idea in a couple of weeks for as I said, no confidence in the project.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We got a little bit a snow.  Enough to build a little snowman before it melted.  The kids never saw the snow so they were confused about the snowman.  I threw out the idea that maybe he wandered out of the woods, looking for a cold place to stay the night.  I think they are growing skeptical.

We had a nice Christmas but I didn't buy anything for the pets so they were a little sad.  Next year I need to remember to have the kids get them something.

 Daisy impressed me by naming everything she unwrapped.  Here she is with her little 'oshi.  The only confusion was when Guy told her that a microscope was in fact a car wash.  She is still sticking to the car wash explanation.

The boys were just excited to give the gifts they picked out as they were to unwrap them.  That's nice to see as a parent.  I need to get them to pick out all the gifts.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Festivities

We found a tree!  We cut this one down because of the location.  We want our fruit trees and chicken coop here eventually.  Daisy supervised.

Daisy decorated.  The boys helped too. 

 We made our graham cracker houses.  Guy wanted me to take a photo of his in case he decides to eat it.

We went to Storybook Land for the second year in a row.  Daisy's favorite was "MIKE WAZOWSKI!"  I tried to get her to pose with a giant Mike but she was too scared.  Daisy really enjoyed this trip and would run from display to display saying stuff like "Wow!" and "I got lost, momma.".

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pen Holding Skills

I took a photo of Daisy defacing my personal coloring book.  Mainly because I was impressed with her work.  But later I studied her grip and it is in fact correct.  And now I know for the next time someone asks me how she holds a pencil...which happens more than you'd think.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lego Expo

We did something extra curricular!  Well, Guy did.  But I had to drive him there.  Guy was a participant in his first Lego Expo.  The theme of the build was the town.  So his team built a "skyscraper", naturally.  Not a train or a filbert farm or a motor home but a skyscraper.  Future thinkers for sure.  They did good.

Monday, December 7, 2015

December Goals

December Goals
1.  Enjoy Christmas season.
2.  See above.

November Accomplishments
1. We saw The Peanuts Movie and loved it.
2. Christmas plans are underway.  I have a couple little things to buy.  Cards to send.  A tree to put up.  Other than that it's just have fun.  We unpacked our Christmas books and have been reading them at bedtime all last week.
3.  Health Insurance is done and paid for.  It costs a fortune.  We pay 14% of our income on health insurance premiums and about 4% on co-pay/co-insurance etc. 18% of our income on health care.  The national average is 6%.  I looked at all the health care options and calculated out the premiums vs. the coverage on an average year for us and feel I picked the best one.  I have no idea what we are doing wrong but I'm going to assume it's the governments fault.  Or the lack of employer health care.  No matter the case the peace of mind is worth it.  I accept being ripped off.
4.  The garage is clean!  It's cold, though.
5.  Heater vents have been cleaned.  Good thing too, because we are using the heaters.  As I said, it is cold.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Books

This month I will be reading just 2 books.
21 Days to Train Your Dog - I'm going to train the dog.  I picked this one because the other book I found at the library took 30 days.  I'm already daydreaming about all the things I can do in those extra 9 days.
The Body in the Sleigh - My mom was getting rid of it and she said it was good.  Takes place during the holidays.  I think it might be about murder and not yule-tide cheer, but only one way to find out.

In November I read...
Two totally forgettable fashion books (by Tim Gunn and Marisa Lynch).  I guess it's just not that interesting of a topic.  At least to me.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up  I think this author is slightly crazy and I really like her for it.  She is very passionate about tidying and enjoys touching things.  I am a firm believer in you should touch your stuff a lot.  And that is why everything in my house is covered in cheeto dust and melted popsicles.  I liked this book but I didn't see it as that different from other decluttering books.

The Wise Man's Fear is a very long, slightly verbose book.  The book's protagonist is a cocky, good-at-everything type of dude.  I was getting bored, it was getting old... but the good thing about overly descriptive books is you get very invested and you feel like you've really been there.  So, I'm attached, yes.  I've been on an incredible adventure.  I just wish I liked the main character.  I find high charisma appalling.

After that very long book, I was so excited to read something easy and short! The Awakening!  WAS TERRIBLE.  If someone is the first person to do something and then other people come along and do the same thing better....I guess you still give credit to the first?  But I don't want to read it.  I don't even want to read the current books about depressed, suicidal women.  No, thank you.

Thankfully I had another shortie to read...The Phantom Tollbooth.  This was an adventure story full of puns for youngsters.  I love puns!  They are very difficult for me to think up.  I find it incredible that someone came up with all of these puns and connected them all into a story.

Christmas Ornaments

We picked out our ornaments for 2015!
I got the house, same as every year.

Guy looked online and couldn't decide between a house that played music and Snoopy's pinewood derby. His favorite part of the "The Peanuts Movie" was Snoopy's airplane so he changed his mind in the store.  I'm glad he picked it over the pinewood derby because that one is Boy Scout-ish and he is not in the Boy Scouts.

Nels wanted Wonder Woman but they were out.  So after a bit of complaining he unenthusiastically picked out the second most bodacious babe, Tinker Bell.  Thankfully the gal working overheard him and found him a Wonder Woman he could turn into his own ornament.  He was very grateful.

Daisy looked at all the ornaments and screamed in delight when she found the babies.  She hugged the box all the way home.

I think we did really good this year.  Now we just have to hope the super glue doesn't need to come out.