Friday, November 20, 2015

Shopping with Kids

I'm a sucker when it comes to buying stuff for the kids.  Thankfully I resisted at the level of 50%!

Daisy wanted some small sized furniture. - this tiny chair and a small vanity.  She can't have a vanity because she currently has a little cut on her forehead and every time she sees it she gets to sobbing about the pain.  Right now it's best to just cover all the mirrors.  The chair on the other hand... well, it's cute but it doubt I could fit it in the cart.
"Buy dis, mom!"

Nels wanted this Walking Dead toy.  When he saw it he yelled "Cool! A dead guy!"  Who is this kid?  He wears zombie pajamas for the sole reason of scaring Guy.  I'm not sure if he really likes this stuff or if he just thinks it's funny.  I didn't buy the creepy toy.
"Cool!  A dead guy!"

I took the kids to the store to buy Lego Dimensions.  I didn't want it because it looks like a money pit.  But I'd been following the price on it and it was the lowest I'd seen.  I got it for $52 (originally $99) and I figure the rest of the pieces they can ask for during holidays or save their own money for them.  Even Daisy was so excited she couldn't resist jumping in the air with one arm up yelling "Yeah!"

Shopping with kids is stressful so mom deserved some cake.  At the bakery, Guy ordered a croissant and Nels and I, being the smart people we are, ordered cake.  Daisy was asleep and even putting chocolate cake up to her face wouldn't wake her.  Guy ate all his food and felt great.  Nels and I barely put a dent in ours before we decided it was just too much cake.  We shuffled through the rest of the day.  When Daisy woke up Nels had to mention she slept though the cake which resulted in some tears.  Thankfully we had the leftovers to offer Daisy which was promptly stolen by "man's best(?) friend".  If the dog ever walks around with a fork stuck in her eye, I will defend Daisy 100%.
"Too Much Cake!"

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