Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Books

I picked out my November books from the library.  I picked up too many to add in from my book pile at home which has thankfully dwindled down to only 4 books - War & Peace, Gone with the Wind, and book 2 &3 from the Farseer trilogy.  Maybe December for those books.

I have two books to read that I'm very excited about The Wise Man's Fear and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  I also have two fashion books (by Tim Gunn and Marisa Lynch) since I'm curious now that I have my capsule wardrobe at work on if I can make it better.  And then there are two highly-rated "quick" reads The Awakening and The Phantom Tollbooth.  Should make for a good month of reading.

From October's Reading...
I swapped War & Peace for A Knight of Seven Kingdoms.  I was on the wait list for the book and when it showed up I needed to read it.  I was thinking the book would be more difficult than it was, more of a history of Westeros.  I'm glad it wasn't because it was more fun and humorous than I was anticipating.

I read two self-help book.  Women Living Well is a Christian helpmate book based on a popular blog, I think.  It was okay for what it is.  I have enjoyed this style of support in the past but it's just not working for me now.  I feel like a lot of Christian stuff is just serve and give and take a bubble bath when you are burnt out.  I give enough people bubble baths so I think Codependent No More was much better.  It's also a Christian book and it says it's okay not to give and serve.  I like to hear that.  Also was a good reminder that all you need in life is someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.

Lastly I read What the Dormouse Said and picked out some of my favorite quotes and read the books and I was not amused.  The best new-to-me classic was The Runaway Bunny.  It was sweet with a sense of humor but I'm not buying the book and has no plans to get it from the library again.

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