Thursday, November 19, 2015

Garage: Done! (For Now)

Outside View
My garage is done!

Back Wall
Here I have the Recycling Center,  Animal Area, and Workbench (with tubs underneath for Guy's schools recycling program).

Interior-side Wall
On the shelves I have Kids Toys, The To-Do Projects (for another day), Not-Often-Used Hobby Supplies (Sewing, Soap Making, Scrapbooking, Canning) Bulky or Specialty Kitchen Items, Office Supplies plus Printer, and the Chest Freezer.

Exterior- Side Wall
 On the exterior wall I have my music and my mini painting area.  Plus the kids ride-on toys (not pictured).  Once I get all these minis painted I'd love, love, love to get a kiln in this area.  We'll see. ;)

I'd love to make the area more visually pleasing but that will be one little project at a time.  I'm just going to enjoy parking in my garage for awhile before I start thinking about it.

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