Monday, November 23, 2015

At the Movies

We saw The Peanuts Movie!  And I bought too much popcorn.  I had to take the rest home because you could tell by the taste that it was expensive.

The movie was fantastic.  Obviously we just like Charlie Brown but I thought the animation (if you call it that?  CG?) for this movie was incredible.  We didn't see the 3D version.  The 2D was plenty fun to look at. Some tears were shed by Guy during several heartwarming moments and he was okay with that.  He didn't ask to leave like at Inside Out.

Guy remembered two previews he wanted to see after the movie... The Secret Life of Pets and The Angry Birds Movie.  He also added that Norm of the North looks really bad.   IT DID!  I was so proud.  I know everyone has different taste but I think mine are the most interesting. To me.  Kids will get to go see more movies if they pick the "good" ones.

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