Friday, October 2, 2015

What I Did in September

We are full fledged into a school schedule of buses and lunches and homework.  We've got this.

I did not plant my fruit trees.  I've picked them out at the nursery.  I'm going to get 3 different variety of apple trees and we will plant them in the future site of the chicken run.  Now we just need to figure out where the chicken coop will go... I will finish this soon!

Although unplanned we put up a slide in September.  I found it on craigslist and knew it needed to go up before someone or something got hurt.
The weird metal structure in the backyard actually looks like a playhouse now due to my husband's work.  Yay!  We just need to pressure wash it now.

The garage is mostly done.  I have walls, paint, a workbench, and some organization.
It still needs lots of decluttering but I will pace myself for the rest of it since I want this stuff relocated or disposed of correctly.  Which brings me to October's goals...

Do something (paint, stain, etc) to this hope chest, move it out of garage, and refill it with memorabilia.
 This will get quite a bit of stuff out of the garage.  I am thinking I can white wash it and use it as a bench at the dining room table for the kids.  We'll see what happens.

Also, with the new season about, I want to do a capsule wardrobe a la project333 because I want easier mornings.

And lastly, Halloween.  I am going to put together some Halloween costumes for the kids (police themed) and take them trick-or-treating.  I want to go to one pumpkin patch and carve the pumpkins.  Not let them sit around and rot as usual.  I also am going to find any decorations laying around and get them up before it's too late!

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