Monday, October 5, 2015


I'm super behind on scrapbooking kids photos.  As usual.  I contemplate stopping but then a child pulls out a scrapbook and they all hover around it, talking and pointing out stuff. It makes me want to continue.  I decided to add this to my goals this month. Instead of trying to catch up, I'm going to work backwards, which I've never done before but most people say to do it that way.  So this month I will get done...
Oct 5-9: Collect supplies. Print pictures.
Oct 12-16: Summer 2015 Pages
Oct 19-23: Spring 2015 Pages
Oct 26-30: Winter 2014/15 Pages

The good news is I have already organized my current supplies with the help of three creative kids.  They were able to help put a dent in the random stickers and decals.

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