Thursday, October 15, 2015

Middle Child Organization

Nels usually has a clean room.  I always assumed he just had less toys than everyone else.  This may be true but he also CLEANS IT.  This is something I've overlooked for awhile, he's the middle child after all.  He was in my garage recently and asked to have the above organizer for his cars.  I love organization so of course I gave it to him.  And he uses it.  I think he enjoys sorting them almost as much as playing with them.  He even sorts them by brand.  Hot Wheels and Matchbox go in different compartments!  Screw it up and you get banned from helping sort cars!  I'm not bitter.  I like how he takes pride in small things too - like in the tiny picture, he has a line of three toys he keeps in his window.  I admire this kid.

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