Thursday, October 29, 2015

Middle Child Cooking

I used to bake with Guy a lot but Nels, being neglected middle child, hasn't gotten to be in the kitchen as much but he's taken it upon himself to become experienced.  He thinks he's pretty great.  One night he and Guy entered a cookie baking contest.  Nels' ratios were off and I had to overcook his cookies to get them to solidify.  Nels glared at me and yelled "I lost the cookie contest because YOU burnt my cookies!"  He tried to reestablish his cooking cred by making some cookie batter while I had my back turned.  It was a concoction of cheese, eggs, strawberry syrup, worchestershire sauce, and who knows what else.  He demanded I bake it but I kept putting it off until he stopped was days later before I could dump it and clean it up.  I didn't want him to know he wasn't as good as he thought.

Thankfully Nels has found his specialty in piecing together meals.  He has been eager to put together breakfast and lunches for him and Daisy.  He made this breakfast without my help or knowledge.  Not bad.  The sprinkles condiment was a nice touch.

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