Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe

I started my wardrobe inspired by Project 333.  When I emptied out my closet I found it easier to pick out my 33 favorite things instead of trying to get rid of "x" number of items.  Aside from my husband accusing me of trying to move out with my empty closet, I have found it quite nice.  It is easier to find clothes and I feel like it's still more than I need.  4 pairs of pants?!  I can only wear one at a time!  I have noticed that I don't love all my clothes but with this method I think I'll put more thought into replacing things.  When you know what you have it's easier to pick out what you will use.

7 Sweater/Jackets
7 Shirts
4 Tank Tops
4 Pants
2 Dresses

Casual Shoes

3 Necklaces
1 Belt
2 Tights

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