Thursday, October 29, 2015

Middle Child Cooking

I used to bake with Guy a lot but Nels, being neglected middle child, hasn't gotten to be in the kitchen as much but he's taken it upon himself to become experienced.  He thinks he's pretty great.  One night he and Guy entered a cookie baking contest.  Nels' ratios were off and I had to overcook his cookies to get them to solidify.  Nels glared at me and yelled "I lost the cookie contest because YOU burnt my cookies!"  He tried to reestablish his cooking cred by making some cookie batter while I had my back turned.  It was a concoction of cheese, eggs, strawberry syrup, worchestershire sauce, and who knows what else.  He demanded I bake it but I kept putting it off until he stopped was days later before I could dump it and clean it up.  I didn't want him to know he wasn't as good as he thought.

Thankfully Nels has found his specialty in piecing together meals.  He has been eager to put together breakfast and lunches for him and Daisy.  He made this breakfast without my help or knowledge.  Not bad.  The sprinkles condiment was a nice touch.

Hope Chest

This is my grandmothers hope chest.  It doesn't look very good anymore.  The plan was to sand it and restain or white wash it because wood is great and it shouldn't be covered with paint.  

 Sanding didn't go as planned.  I think this stain needed some chemical help?  I don't know.  Sherwin- Williams, you win!  I'll cover the earth.

I went through all the old abandoned paint buckets in the garage.  I found a grey I liked.

We have more house than we need but I'm struggling to find places to put things where they just won't get lost and forgotten.  I put the hope chest at the dining table for a kids bench.  So far I like it and they like to sit there too.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe

I started my wardrobe inspired by Project 333.  When I emptied out my closet I found it easier to pick out my 33 favorite things instead of trying to get rid of "x" number of items.  Aside from my husband accusing me of trying to move out with my empty closet, I have found it quite nice.  It is easier to find clothes and I feel like it's still more than I need.  4 pairs of pants?!  I can only wear one at a time!  I have noticed that I don't love all my clothes but with this method I think I'll put more thought into replacing things.  When you know what you have it's easier to pick out what you will use.

7 Sweater/Jackets
7 Shirts
4 Tank Tops
4 Pants
2 Dresses

Casual Shoes

3 Necklaces
1 Belt
2 Tights

Monday, October 19, 2015


I saw a newt about a week ago and threw him in a shrubbery, hoping he could hide from the dog and cats that way.  Not sure if this is the same one or a different one.  Nels was happy to pick him up for a photo opportunity.

I tried to give the newt to Daisy but she ran away and cried.  I thought girls loved amphibians?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Middle Child Organization

Nels usually has a clean room.  I always assumed he just had less toys than everyone else.  This may be true but he also CLEANS IT.  This is something I've overlooked for awhile, he's the middle child after all.  He was in my garage recently and asked to have the above organizer for his cars.  I love organization so of course I gave it to him.  And he uses it.  I think he enjoys sorting them almost as much as playing with them.  He even sorts them by brand.  Hot Wheels and Matchbox go in different compartments!  Screw it up and you get banned from helping sort cars!  I'm not bitter.  I like how he takes pride in small things too - like in the tiny picture, he has a line of three toys he keeps in his window.  I admire this kid.

Monday, October 12, 2015

New Halloween Stuff

My $14 investment last year did not go to waste!  I was excited to open up my Halloween decor and see the "new stuff".  I will see about getting my 2016 Halloween stuff in November.

The kiddos put together the felt skeleton.  They all love it especially Miss Daisy.  She is showing a lot of pride in it.  She helped, you know.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Baby Puntin!

 We visited a pumpkin patch and participated in some festivities.  My favorite part was when Daisy ran off the hay ride to find a pumpkin.  She hurried directly to the smallest pumpkin, picked it up and declared it "Baby Puntin!"  And then she was done.  I was most worried about her finding her perfect pumpkin too.  Nels took the longest because he didn't know we could wash the pumpkins later and he was concerned they were all too dirty.  Guy was loading his third pumpkin onto the trailer when I caught up with him.  There was a miscommunication when I said you can get whatever you can carry.  I meant it once.

Scrapbook Ready

With the help of two rolling, running children, I have our scrapbook paper picked out for 11 double pages.  Nels picked out the key paper for his birthday pages.  I didn't see the connection but it's his birthday so that seemed like enough.  I ended with with 44 pieces of paper.  I'll see how many I actually use because that just seems like a lot of paper.  I ordered the photos I need through so now the wait begins.

Monday, October 5, 2015


I'm super behind on scrapbooking kids photos.  As usual.  I contemplate stopping but then a child pulls out a scrapbook and they all hover around it, talking and pointing out stuff. It makes me want to continue.  I decided to add this to my goals this month. Instead of trying to catch up, I'm going to work backwards, which I've never done before but most people say to do it that way.  So this month I will get done...
Oct 5-9: Collect supplies. Print pictures.
Oct 12-16: Summer 2015 Pages
Oct 19-23: Spring 2015 Pages
Oct 26-30: Winter 2014/15 Pages

The good news is I have already organized my current supplies with the help of three creative kids.  They were able to help put a dent in the random stickers and decals.

Friday, October 2, 2015

What I Did in September

We are full fledged into a school schedule of buses and lunches and homework.  We've got this.

I did not plant my fruit trees.  I've picked them out at the nursery.  I'm going to get 3 different variety of apple trees and we will plant them in the future site of the chicken run.  Now we just need to figure out where the chicken coop will go... I will finish this soon!

Although unplanned we put up a slide in September.  I found it on craigslist and knew it needed to go up before someone or something got hurt.
The weird metal structure in the backyard actually looks like a playhouse now due to my husband's work.  Yay!  We just need to pressure wash it now.

The garage is mostly done.  I have walls, paint, a workbench, and some organization.
It still needs lots of decluttering but I will pace myself for the rest of it since I want this stuff relocated or disposed of correctly.  Which brings me to October's goals...

Do something (paint, stain, etc) to this hope chest, move it out of garage, and refill it with memorabilia.
 This will get quite a bit of stuff out of the garage.  I am thinking I can white wash it and use it as a bench at the dining room table for the kids.  We'll see what happens.

Also, with the new season about, I want to do a capsule wardrobe a la project333 because I want easier mornings.

And lastly, Halloween.  I am going to put together some Halloween costumes for the kids (police themed) and take them trick-or-treating.  I want to go to one pumpkin patch and carve the pumpkins.  Not let them sit around and rot as usual.  I also am going to find any decorations laying around and get them up before it's too late!