Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Books

I finished my September books...

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - I found this book in a recycling bin and pulled it out.  Large parts of the story incorporate jazz music and WWII so I did not expect to find this book interesting, but I did.  It was a sweet story and I have no regrets bringing this books back into circulation.
Assassin's Apprentice - So far I love this series.  It sounds like it will be the life story of the character Fitz and I love fantasy tales of childhood through adulthood.  Although published first, this tale is reminiscent for me of The Name of the Wind which was super great and I really need to read the second book in that one.  Why haven't I done that yet?  But I need to read the second book of this series too.  Too many choices.
I have read a lot of "self-help books" and I found the two I read this month to be good reminders about life. I favor other books on totally different topics that somehow say the same thing.  I find many books on behavioral economics and budgeting to share the same messages and values.  I like numbers in my books.
Creating the Not So Big House - I thought this book was ridiculous.  The Not So Big is owning a smaller house than you think you need?  Most houses in there were between 2000-3000 sq ft. so this book was so not for me because I think that's huge.  The only interesting space in here was a NY apartment.

What I will be reading this month...
More books I've collected I need to do something with.  I bought War and Peace at the thrift store because I liked the way it looked and I was going to cut it up.  Then I decided I should read it first.  It's been almost a year so time to act. The others... Copedendent No More and Women Living Well are books I've read parts of but I'm going to put it more effort for the sake of getting rid of them.  I'll read them both at the same time because I bet they conflict each other quite a bit.  What the Dormouse Said is cute and I saved it for that reason but it's just quotes from childrens books.  I going to get some of the books from the library of my favorite quotes...see if the kids approve.

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