Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Books

I finished my September books...

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - I found this book in a recycling bin and pulled it out.  Large parts of the story incorporate jazz music and WWII so I did not expect to find this book interesting, but I did.  It was a sweet story and I have no regrets bringing this books back into circulation.
Assassin's Apprentice - So far I love this series.  It sounds like it will be the life story of the character Fitz and I love fantasy tales of childhood through adulthood.  Although published first, this tale is reminiscent for me of The Name of the Wind which was super great and I really need to read the second book in that one.  Why haven't I done that yet?  But I need to read the second book of this series too.  Too many choices.
I have read a lot of "self-help books" and I found the two I read this month to be good reminders about life. I favor other books on totally different topics that somehow say the same thing.  I find many books on behavioral economics and budgeting to share the same messages and values.  I like numbers in my books.
Creating the Not So Big House - I thought this book was ridiculous.  The Not So Big is owning a smaller house than you think you need?  Most houses in there were between 2000-3000 sq ft. so this book was so not for me because I think that's huge.  The only interesting space in here was a NY apartment.

What I will be reading this month...
More books I've collected I need to do something with.  I bought War and Peace at the thrift store because I liked the way it looked and I was going to cut it up.  Then I decided I should read it first.  It's been almost a year so time to act. The others... Copedendent No More and Women Living Well are books I've read parts of but I'm going to put it more effort for the sake of getting rid of them.  I'll read them both at the same time because I bet they conflict each other quite a bit.  What the Dormouse Said is cute and I saved it for that reason but it's just quotes from childrens books.  I going to get some of the books from the library of my favorite quotes...see if the kids approve.

Monday, September 28, 2015

RV Show

I took the kiddos to an RV show for fun.  Nels enjoyed looking into every freezer and Daisy enjoyed sitting on every chair.  I didn't think I wanted an RV and now I am sure I don't want one for they are expensive and too large for me to move.  I did find the flooring I wanted.  It's pretty nice, huh?  I feel like it can go rustic or coastal.  Anyway, the kids liked the show so much that we will probably continue to frequent RV shows but I am more excited to take them to a big boat show.  I am also to someday get rid of carpet and get flooring like that.  Maybe next year.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On the Bus

Nels and Daisy rode the public bus today while Guy was at school.  We haven't told him yet.  We might never.  He will disown us because he wants to ride so bad.  In our defense our car was being worked on.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Guy the Archer

We attended a renaissance festival.  It was more observing that Guy could handle.  He wanted to spin wool and squeeze lemonade (that was at a food booth - not an exhibit).  Just picture doing it in his mind was not enough for him.  He did get to shoot a bow and arrow.  It was much easier in his mind.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Garage Progress

I have walls up.  It's half painted.  All the items are crudely sorted and I can say with certainty none of it's of much importance.  I hope to finish painting over the weekend so the rest of the month can be used for organization.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Stroller Seat

I have been using the same blue umbrella stroller all my parenting time because it works great.  The wheels work on gravel and grass .  We seldom use a stroller anymore but it's nice to have around.

I found the most adorable stroller at a yard sale I couldn't pass up.  I thought I could replace old blue with it because it just makes me smile to look at the cute little monsters on this new stroller.

Super Cute!

 Well, monster stroller is terrible.  The wheels don't turn and do more of a drag than a roll.  I was able to switch the fabrics with just the use of a screwdriver.  I have the same trusty stroller with a new fabric.  I never considered this option.  I should have thought of it sooner!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of Second Grade

Guy's first day of second grade is here.  He seemed excited but didn't seem social at all.  He's always been the new kid, or the kid that's going to move away soon, so this idea of school friends is still a little foreign to him.  Hopefully he can start having a consistent school life starting today.

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Business Lady

Daisy can act very busy and important while doing nothing.  I think she has a future career in business or politics.  I was trying to follow her lead by making myself some tea in the waiting room but I don't know how to operate anything and then when I was done and about ready to give myself a pat on the back, Daisy pointed out that "tea is stinky".

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Goals

Summer is coming to an end.  I can jump in on the "...and the end got here so quickly" comments but a lot has happened in the past three months so I feel like I can't complain about school resuming.  I'll have to find something else to complain about.

Stuff.  I will complain about stuff.  There is too much stuff.  One of my biggest anxiety problems lately is this garage.  It's disorganized and borderline useless.  The good news is it's goal #1.

September Goals
1.  Finish garage walls including paint.  Plan (and hopefully begin implementing) an organizational scheme.  
2.  Figure out a school schedule.  This is a terrible goal for it will come naturally and I'm not sure how you measure it.  Adjusting to school is a large chunk of September.  I'm putting it here so I feel more accomplished.
3.  Plant at least 3 fruit trees.
4.  Read 5 books.  I already have them picked out since once I read these I can put them in a free little library.  Or a tax-funded larger library.  I like them both.

On the topic of books, I recently finished Agatha Christie's novel "And Then There Were None".  I figured out a bunch of really shocking endings for the suspense story and decided they were all too predictable (so not so shocking?).  But then, if the story ending was truly shocking, wouldn't it seem unrealistic and random? The ending wasn't unrealistic or shocking or predictable.   I'm terrible at guessing.