Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our First Fair

On our return trip from Reno we ran into our first fair.  It was a small one and it wasn't crowded, maybe because we were there on a Thursday.  The kids each rode two rides.  Guy and Daisy were never on the same ride.  I think that is one challenging thing having kids with an age difference.

The boys wanted on the slide, which Daisy is too short for.

We found this one for Daisy. After the ride, she ran off with a big smile, yelling "Fun!"

We took a break from rides to wander.  Guy was able to be a game assistant.  His task was loading a plunger canon.  He was super thrilled about the experience, although I think he significantly delayed the show by not listening and just confusing himself in general.  Pretty sure he gets those wonderful attributes from me. His enthusiasm got him through.

Night rides!  Nels wanted to ride the roller coaster.  Daisy was tall enough but Guy was too tall.  SO MANY RULES!  I guess I support safety.

Guy wanted on one called the "Cliff Hanger".  It looked scary and when he was on it, I was very scared.  I was trying to judge the contraption on how many safeguards it had to prevent a child from falling out.  I didn't see any.  Hopefully it was just moving too fast.  Guy came out okay, so I'll try to focus on that.  But, wait!  As soon as he got out he must have been dizzy because he fell and scrapped his knee!  I guess this was my punishment keeping them out past bedtime.

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