Thursday, July 2, 2015

New House: Entry

I am still unpacking and moving stuff around but here is my uncluttered entry way.
Somebody move that dog!
I'm not keen on carpet in an entryway so laminate is in my future.  I think I would like to change the front door color someday but right now it's fine.  Most importantly, I desire a bumblebee knocker, despite it's lack of function and probable quarrel with the screen door.

In the corner of my entry way there was a little place that just needed a little something and I had a dresser sitting in the garage with my unpacked boxes.  It fits and it's functional and I think it looks good.  I have a drawer for the dogs stuff, one for Church stuff, one for reusable shopping bags (but maybe those should be in the car?), and some empty drawers for later known uses.  The top surface can be my stuff that goes in and out of the car.  The basket is for the kids' shoes that I find scattered around the house.  For the wall art I found these at a yard sale for $1 each.  I plan to replace them with something more personal somewhere down the road.

Our entry closet is still a little bare but I think that's a good thing.  For our rain boots and umbrellas I am using a 3 Sprouts bin.  I love these!  They are super cute and only $20.  It would make sense to also hang raincoats in the closet.  I should do that.  Up above I have a tote of beach toys that just didn't fit into a dresser drawer.  They are fine here.  I will put the vacuum in here when I figure out where it's hiding.  I just used it to vacuum up a diaper a certain doggie tried to eat so it couldn't have gone too far.

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