Monday, July 13, 2015

Food Preservation

Since I have a permanent home I am trying to start preserving some food.  I have canning stuff from my birthday but have yet to use it.  I am going to wait for all the berries to go out of season so I can say "I meant to do that!"  But we did go to the farm and we bought what all people think of when they think of farms... Cotton Candy ice cream.  We bought three of these cones and no one finished.  I thought I could make a dent in them but after one taste they all went in the garbage.  Yuck.  We bought some berries than I'm going to turn into freezer jam since they are not getting eaten fast enough.

All my food preservation has been for the freezer.  My chest freezer is unpacked and I'm trying to get it filled.  To help out I found a Food Saver at a yard sale for $5 and it works!  I never used one before and I was pleasantly surprised on  how simple it is.  The food sealer bags cost a bit at the store but I found some on Amazon that are half the price as the store so I will try those out next.  I found chicken on sale last week for $1.79/lb so I have 20 lbs. of that in my freezer.  I'm on my way! 

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