Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cool Creations

Guy has talked of submitting a picture to Lego magazine for two years now but I am not motivated to force him to do it and he is not pushy enough.   So he set it as a summer goal and we got it done! He wanted me to take a picture of this bookshelf which he calls "Lego City".

Nels wanted in on the picture taking so I took a picture of him with his "Car Boat".  I was trying not to be snide or overbearing so I will keep quiet on my thought about these Lego titles.  I will however say I love Nels face in this photo. 

Lego has recenting changed how to submit photos which is nice you don't have to do it via snail mail anymore.  How to do it all on a mobile device...
1.  Download COOL CREATIONS submission form.
2.  Upload form to PDFescape and fill it in with a variety of text and chicken scratches. Save.
3.  Attach form and photo to

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