Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Books I've Read Lately

I recently unpacked and read Shop Girl by Steve Martin for the sole reason of being able to get rid of it.  The book was an easy, fast read but terribly forgettable.  I don't remember the fine details although I know it all takes place on the west coast...except for those small moments when they were on the east coast.  I just learned that it is now a movie, made 10 years ago.  I never heard of it.  It was probably similar to the mostly forgettable book.  I am curious now but I don't know why I'd want to see a movie of a book I didn't really like?

So, I am currently reading The Revenge of the Dwarves and it is book 3 of a series I thought I liked.  I've been "reading" this book for over a year now and I can't get through it.  I will give up on the series after this but I will finish this book!  I really like the fantasy race of dwarves which is why I really liked these books to begin with but now it's too many unlikable humans and elves.  I don't care about them!  All they do is complain about dwarvan food.  To add to my dislike the translation of the German novel is just wonky.  I wouldn't be surprised at this point to see the word 'wonky' in there.  I'm going to force myself to finish this book by Sunday so I can read something I am more excited about.

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