Friday, June 26, 2015

Nels the Writer

Nels ran inside yelling "You've got to see this!" Last time he said these words he brought us out to see "a spider attacking a worm" which was in fact a spider spinning a little bug into his little web cocoon.  Very cool!  I should have knew right away this was going to be cool, but I pushed him off a couple of times before I finally went to see.  He wrote "Oso" in sidewalk chalk all by himself.  He can copy words but this is the first one he's written with no help.  Pretty impressive! I wanted to take his picture but while I went to grab the camera he couldn't decide which side of "Oso" he wanted to stand on for the photo and walked over it enough to pretty much erase it.  It's there.  I know I saw it.

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