Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Guy's Day

Yesterday we were able to take some time out for fun.  One of Guy's goals this month was to find the bounce house place in Eugene.  I don't think they have one but we found Get Air, a trampoline park.  He said it is even better!  Nels thought it was fun but he's not ready to discount the bounce houses.

Guy has been asking to try sushi.  I don't like sushi but I have been wanting to make this happen at a place with a sushi belt for novelty reasons.  We found one by accident in the old Schlotzsky's.  I'm sure the space has been other things as well but they don't matter as much to me.  I mean it doesn't matter at all to me.  All I have space for in my heart is Schlotzsky's.  So upon arrival at the sushi place, I am sad about the loss of Schlotzsky's and Nels is immediately disappointed in their lack of "Slushies".  I guess he thought we all had a speech impediment because I have never called a "slushie" a "sushi" before.  But I will now.  Nels and Daisy take after me and didn't care for the food.  Guy said it was delicious!  But he didn't eat much so it might have been a mental thing.  He didn't care for the weird white stuff on all his food and asked the hostess, not his very embarrassed mother, what is was.  I am talking about rice.  RICE.  I don't know if the trip was a success, but it happened so I'm counting it.
We sat right up front so all our embarrassing comments could be heard by the sushi chefs.  I'm not sure if this was the best of ideas.

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