Friday, April 3, 2015

I'm Almost Out of Soap!

I noticed I was down to six bars of soap! ONLY SIX! So I got to making soap.

During my cold process soap making frenzy I realized that it takes months to go through six bars of soap.  I am so used to looking at piles of soap I forgot what was a typical amount of surplus soap looks like.  The good news is I have several years of soap now.

I did 510g olive oil, 340g palm oil, 255g water, 116g lye for each batch. (Taken from Smart Soapmaking)
For the rectangle soap I threw in shredded loofa and melted honey+comb.  I probably should have adjusted the water content of that one but I'll see how the soap holds up.  I also used my 18 bar unfinished birchwood mold from Brambleberry. I have been hating the mold because the soap would stick to the plastic dividers but I read a tip online to just push the soap out of the mold and it worked!  I have no idea what I was trying before.  Sawing the soap out using a spoon I guess.  So now I can use my expensive fancy mold and have it work.

For my cupcake sized soap (made in silicone muffin trays) I used the left over coffee grounds in the coffee maker and added some vanilla. They smell good enough to eat and I don't even like eating coffee...or soap.


  1. Hi nice blog, I looking for deer tallow to make soap, do you know where to buy it?

    1. I've used deer tallow before from a deer a friend had hunted. I'm not sure where to buy it but I have heard a butcher is a good person to ask!